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Understanding Toxicology Reports: Confirmations, Cutoffs, and the Quantitative Values

 Joseph Jones, Ph.D., NRCC-TC, Chief Operating Officer at USDTL discusses confirmations, cutoffs, and quantitative values followed by a brief Q&A.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll get answers to the following questions:

  • Why is Confirmation Testing so Important?
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative: What does it mean?
  • What Are Cutoff Levels and Why do we Have Them?
  • What Does the Quantitative Result on my Report Mean?
  • And more…

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Fentanyl Laced Drugs

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Over the past year, Fentanyl related overdose deaths have spiked amid the pandemic. Researchers have noticed the growing spread of street drugs laced with deadly synthetic opioids including fentanyl. 

Dr. Nora Volkow, head of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, said people are often consuming fentanyl “unbeknownst to them,” resulting in a spike of overdose deaths. Most people are taking fentanyl unknowingly as it’s mixed with other drugs. Drug traffickers are mixing fentanyl with other drugs, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA, because it takes little to produce a high, making it a cheap option. 

Riverside County District Attorney, Mike Hestrin, says fentanyl is “now in everything”. Hestrin explained that drug traffickers are using pill-making machines to create counterfeit drugs that look like prescription medications but actually contain fentanyl. He added that drug traffickers don’t have the sophisticated technology to accurately dose pills with non-lethal quantities of fentanyl, essentially leading to a game of Russian roulette.

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency has found that 26% of counterfeit tables tested for fentanyl contained a lethal dose. 

The DEA explains on their website that unless a drug is prescribed by a licensed medical professional and dispensed by a legitimate pharmacy, you can’t know if it’s fake or legitimate. This leaves the user with the risk of a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl laced in their drug of choice. 



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ToxTime: Newborn Alcohol Biomarkers

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USDTL hosted an online Webinar, titled ToxTime, where we discussed Newborn Alcohol Biomarkers

The Webinar discussion included:

  • What is FASD?
  • The prevalence of FAS.
  • The current methods available for detecting prenatal alcohol exposure. 
  • The importance of screening moms for alcohol.
  • The importance of providers testing for alcohol, even if they do not have a direct plan of care for babies exposed to alcohol. 

Click Here for the On-Demand Link to the Webinar.



Second Quarter Newsletter

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Every quarter, USDTL publishes and sends out a newsletter. In it, there are company updates, our latest events, insider news, and much more. To view the Second Quarter newsletter from USDTL, you can access it here. 

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USDTL is a proud member of WBENC!

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USDTL is a proud member of The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBENC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping women-owned business, like USDTL, thrive. As a member of WBENC, we have a mutual belief that diversity promotes innovation, open doors, and creates partnerships that help fuel the economy.

As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, or WBE, USDTL went through a rigorous and stringent certification process to confirm that the business is owned, managed, and controlled by a woman or women. As a nationally certified WBE, we are able to network with other WBEs and collaborate with women-owned businesses to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

To learn more about WBENC, visit


ToxTime: Drug Trends & Concerns Regarding NAS

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USDTL hosted an online Webinar, titled ToxTime, where we discussed Drug Trends and Concerns Regarding Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

The Webinar discussion included:

  • A Brief Overview of NAS
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Drug Withdrawal Variance
  • USDTL Observations & Growing NAS Concerns
  • Breaking the Stigma at Lily’s Place, a NAS Center

Click Here to View the Webinar

USDTL hosted an online Webinar, titled ToxTime, where we discussed Hair and Nail Testing – What’s the Difference?

The guest speaker was Joseph Jones, Ph.D., NRCC-TC, Chief Operating Officer at USDTL.

The webinar includes discussion around the following points:

  • How Fingernail specimens can complement a hair testing program
  • Using Fingernail as an alternative specimen type      
  • The difference in detection windows of Hair and Fingernail Specimens
  • Case reports using both Hair and Fingernail specimens

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    USDTL hosted an online Webinar, titled ToxTime, where we discussed Environmental Exposure Drug Testing 101 (ChildGuard®). The guest speaker was Joesph Jones, Ph.D., NRCC-TC, Chief Operating Officer at USDTL.

     The Webinar discussed why ChildGuard® was developed, and the value it brings to clients. Other points of discussion include:

  • How drugs are incorporated in hair
  • How fingernails can be used
  • Legal defensibility of ChildGuard®
  • Trends in ChildGuard® testing

The full webinar is available to watch below. 

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