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New Cannabinoids for ChildGuard Testing – Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC


To provide you with outstanding drug testing service, we are transitioning several hair and nail cannabinoid confirmation methods from GC-MS to LC/MS/MS beginning February 19, 2024.  The following cannabinoids will be updated/added to ChildGuard® testing: delta 9-THC, delta 8-THC, delta 10-THC, and cannabidiol (CBD).

Lowest Fentanyl Cutoffs in Umbilical Cord Tissue


We offer fentanyl cutoff levels for umbilical cord tissue testing that are lower than anyone else in the industry.

Cotinine Detection in Hair and Nail Specimens


Long-term detection of the nicotine biomarker cotinine is now available in hair and fingernail specimens. This test was created to determine the exposure of the donor to environmental tobacco smoke and can be added to any hair or nail test panel or ordered as a stand-alone test.

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