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Request Test Collection Supplies

For your convenience, USDTL provides test collection supplies to clients at no extra charge. Orders are processed within 2-3 business days of receipt and shipped via FedEx Ground. Depending on your location, allow three to five business days to receive your collection supplies. 

Please order only a 90-day supply, as some of the pieces of the supplies expire. Domestic ground shipping is free for supplies, so we will be happy to send more at your request as you need them. 

To request supplies: Download the supplies request form pdf and fax to (847) 375-0775 or submit the Supplies Request Form below:

Shipping Instructions

The preferred method of shipping is FedEx. If you don’t have daily FedEx pick-up service, you can schedule your pick-up online at or call 800-GOFEDEX (463-3339). If you prefer not to use FedEx, you can utilize the carrier of your choice.

Supplies Request Form

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Special Instructions

If You Need to Rush a Shipment, Please Indicate Your FedEx Account Number


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