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USDTL’s vision is protecting and enriching lives, which we do through our mission of using the best science available to provide cutting edge tools for the analysis and evaluation of exposure to alcohol, substances of abuse, and toxins. Our vision and mission are even more powerful through partnerships with organizations with similar purposes. We are a proud sponsor of the following organizations that work tirelessly to battle stigmas and enhance the science and education behind addictive diseases.


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HopeWins is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to share hope and end the devastation addictions brings to families.
DATIA’s mission is to promote the highest standards of professionalism and quality in drug and alcohol testing, oversee education, certification, and accreditation programs for the drug and alcohol testing industry.
CPDD actively promotes basic scientific research in all aspects of substance abuse, facilitates sharing of knowledge among scientists of diverse backgrounds, both nationally and internationally.

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