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Umbilical Cord Resources

Umbilical Cord Resources

Umbilical Cord Tissue Drug Testing  Umbilical Cord Tissue Drug Panels

Umbilical Cord Tissue Collection Instructions

Umbilical Cord Tissue Videos

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CCDG Presentation

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Standardized vs. Targeted Umbilical Cord Collection

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The Impact of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome on One West Virginia Community by Dr. Loudin

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The Importance of Following Forensic Principles in Newborn Drug Testing by Dr. Irene Shu

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Umbilical Cord Collection Training Video

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Umbilical Cord Drug Testing: A Discussion of Prevalent Issues

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USDTL Live episode 2 CordStat Origin with Dianne Montgomery

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Why Test For Designer Stimulants Bath Salts in Umbilical Cord

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Newborn Fentanyl Drug Testing

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Umbilical Cord Tissue Drug Testing

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Coffee Tox June 2020 – Gabapentin

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Coffee Tox August 2020 – Meconium & Umbilical Cord

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Coffee Tox November 2020 – FASD & Newborn Alcohol Biomarker Testing

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Prevalence of Methamphetamine in Umbilical Cord

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Coffee Tox March 2021 – Missed Opportunities in Newborn Drug Testing

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Umbilical Cord Tissue Announcements

Lowest Fentanyl Cutoffs in Umbilical Cord Tissue


We offer fentanyl cutoff levels for umbilical cord tissue testing that are lower than anyone else in the industry.

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USDTL Umbilical Cord Tissue Research

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USDTL Umbilical Cord Tissue Assisted Research

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Foundational Umbilical Cord Tissue Research

There are currently no Foundational Research articles available. Please check back later.

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