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What Makes USDTL Different?

United States Drug Testing Laboratories, Inc. (USDTL) is a privately-owned specialty laboratory focusing exclusively on advanced alcohol and other drug toxicology. USDTL understands that accurately detecting substances is much bigger than just a test; it is about protecting lives. Here is why we are different. 

97% of our partners rate us as "Very Good" to "Excellent" in customer satisfaction

Uniformity Across Your Entire System 

When managing drug testing, we help reduce the variabilities that can often be cumbersome. When building a drug testing program to address population health, our partners have mentioned they value the hands-on attention they receive from us when creating or adjusting their programs.  

Leader in the Industry

As a leader in the field of alcohol and other drug testing, we have been the first laboratory to the market for many of the tests that seem commonplace today. We house our own research and development team, commanding a strategic advantage in the industry and making us readily adaptable to changing market needs. This means there is a much shorter window for us to get new tests to market, helping our partners offer the best tests to address the latest trends of substance use.  

Fast Turnaround Time

Generally, the standard turnaround time for reporting negative screening test results is the next business day, with an additional 1-2 business days for specimens that require confirmatory testing. Turnaround time begins from the receipt of the valid specimen —accompanied by a properly documented valid order— into the laboratory. Some tests require additional time to process and will fall outside the standard turnaround time window.    

Hyper-Focused Experts

Getting quality results faster means you can make better decisions faster —saving time and money. We are one of the only laboratories in the nation focusing exclusively on alcohol and other drug testing. We help ensure you have the information you need to be confident in your drug testing program.

Training & Support 

Our commitment to helping you train your staff helps lead to fewer rejections of specimens. We offer on-demand training and support for all members of your organization. Your staff also has direct access to our highly trained, in-house Client Services Department to answer questions as they arise.

Electronic Reporting

All of our partners receive results through an easy-to-access web portal. Our web portal allows all reporting contacts in the organization to access results as soon as they are posted at no additional charge. Organizations can add as many reporting contacts as needed to speed up communication between colleagues. In addition to the web portal option, we are also integrated with HL7 and other systems for even more convenience. 

Forensically Defensible Testing

We will never cut corners when it comes to the most advanced and reliable instrumentation or the quality of testing and validation we provide. We perform tests that are forensically defensible. We require a chain of custody on every specimen processed, and every positive result reported from our laboratory goes through a separate confirmatory test. This is the extra layer of protection you can count on for every specimen tested at USDTL. 

Litigation Support Services

Our support doesn’t stop with reporting results. We are here if you need us. Our leading toxicologists are experienced experts in forensic toxicology and can add value to cases requiring their knowledge.

Educational Resources

We understand substance use toxicology is complex. We create and share many educational resources on our website to help make it less daunting. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us, and we will get you what you need. 

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