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ToxTime: Missed Opportunities

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                USDTL hosted an online Webinar, titled ToxTime, where we discussed Missed Opportunities in Newborn Drug Testing. The guest speakers were Colleen Cusack, Client Services Specialist at USDTL and Kristen Moore, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, Director of Maternal Services at Union Hospital.

                Colleen Cusack is USDTL’s Client Services Specialist.  Colleen has 15 years of Client Services experience and has been with USDTL for 8 years.  She consistently goes above and beyond to assist and advocate for the client.  Colleen has clear communication skills, strives to practice active listening, is empathic, and is very knowledgeable.  She plays a key role in improving the client’s experience and makes an impact on USDTL’s vision of Protecting and Enriching Lives

                Kristen Moore is a perinatal nurse experienced in providing optimal care to women with normal and complicated pregnancies. She has worked as a unit-based educator, clinical manager, chief nurse consultant for the Department of Health, and now serves as the Director of Maternal Child Services at Union Hospital in Terre Haute, Indiana. Kristen’s hospital began umbilical cord screening in November of 2020. Her team states they have experienced drastically improved reporting times with cord screening versus meconium, as well as other benefits including ease in collection and guaranteed availability of testing for all patients.

                The Webinar discussed why universal collection is important in newborn drug testing, and the value it brings to hospitals. Other points of discussion include:

  • Meconium and umbilical cord testing
  • How rejections have improved with umbilical cord testing
  • Criteria for testing
  • Importance of obtaining an accurate history of abuse
  • Testimonies and stories

The full webinar is available to watch below.