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Turnaround Time

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Turnaround Time

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Turnaround times at USDTL are estimates that are calculated based on the time the specimen is received at our laboratory.Generally, the standard turnaround time for reporting negative screening test results is the next business day, with an additional 1-2 business days for specimens that require confirmatory testing. Turnaround time begins from receipt of the valid specimen –accompanied by a properly documented valid order– into the laboratory. Some tests require additional time to process and will fall outside the standard turnaround time window.

As an accredited laboratory, we have an extensive list of criteria that must be met to ensure each specimen result is forensically defensible evidence. Given the accreditation guidelines, reanalysis of evidence may be needed on specimens, or specimen batches, for various reasons. Though we try our best to avoid these situations, we have protocol(s) we must follow when this happens. Unfortunately, reanalysis can shift the anticipated turnaround time for specimen results. When it is required, we ask for your understanding and patience while further testing is being performed.