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Dear Valued Client,

To help you have the best possible solutions that science can offer, we are consistently evaluating our processes to keep them ahead of the curve. As science progresses, so do our capabilities. Because of such progress, we have some important updates to the meconium collection process. Effective October 1st, 2016, the following changes will take effect:


  1. Date and Time of birth will need to be noted on the Custody and Control Form. The vast majority of clients already meet this requirement with the collection-site generated label that usually contains this information.
  2. Prevent the meconium specimen from coming in contact with ANY ethanol-based liquids or vapors at ANY TIME previous to, and during, the collection process. This includes ethanol-based sanitizers and wipes.
  3. We will not test the meconium for FAEE if the specimen was collected more than 18 hours after birth. If the final time of collection is greater than 18 hours from time of birth, the specimen will be rejected for FAEE testing, and the following comment will be added to specimen report: “Not suitable for FAEE testing due to delayed specimen collection.”

No other specimen tests will be affected.

All Collection instructions are available on our website for review. If you have any additional questions, please contact one of our Client Services Advocates at 800.235.2367, or at

We know that change isn’t easy, but we also know that you value maintaining integrity and compliance as much as we do. We really appreciate your understanding during transitions such as these. Thank you!



Adam Negrusz, Ph.D.
Laboratory Director

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