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Laboratory Improves Propofol Testing Following New Research Data

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Des Plaines, IL – New data from researchers at USDTL shows that propofol use can be detected in urine samples for as long as 28 days following low-dose anesthesia. As a result of these findings, USDTL is raising their positive confirmation test cutoff and lowering the cost of their UrineStat® propofol testing to one fifth of the previous price.

Better Tools for Addiction Screening and Prevention

Propofol is the most commonly used anesthesia, but it is not regulated by the US Drug Enforcement Agency. The abuse of propofol outside of the operating room has become a concern in the healthcare industry, especially considering that propofol misuse has proven fatal for 28% of abusers. By raising their confirmation cutoff, USDTL is ensuring customers receive the most accurate positive test results at pricing that allows for the most comprehensive screening strategy.

UrineStat® Propofol Testing Availability

These improvements in UrineStat® propofol testing are driven by USDTL’s ongoing commitment to be a leader in alcohol and substance abuse detection. The new propofol cutoff will be effective for urine specimens received on or after July 8th, 2013. USDTL has made significant breakthroughs in detecting alcohol and other substances of abuse by developing procedures which help healthcare and addiction professionals. They offer a wide range of testing services and specialize in hard to detect substances of abuse and customized assays.

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