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Lowest Fentanyl Cutoffs in Umbilical Cord Tissue

graphic stating industry leading fentantyl cutoff for umbilical cord 200 pg/g

Fentanyl has continued to ravage our communities and has led to an increased concern for being able to detect it. Our clients use our testing because they value speed and innovation, and we are pleased to bring yet another industry-leading announcement that is changing the environment of newborn testing.

We are excited to inform you that we have succeeded in improving our umbilical cord tissue testing for fentanyl by reducing the screening and confirmation assay cutoffs to 200 pg/g (0.2 ng/g). This is 300 pg/g lower than any other testing currently available on the market.

This lower cutoff will allow us to identify a greater number of newborns exposed to fentanyl in utero.

The improved umbilical cord assay for fentanyl is available now. If you have questions you can contact your account manager or speak to one of our representatives by calling 800.235.2367 or by emailing us here

To learn more, watch our latest educational event Detecting Illicit Fentanyl in Umbilical Cord Tissue

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