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Dear Client,

Effective July 18, 2016, USDTL will be implementing a new way of reporting quantitative results. In order to satisfy accreditation requirement, the concentrations of drugs exceeding the Upper Limit of Quantification (ULOQ) for any given drug will be reported as > ULOQ (greater than ULOQ). The ULOQ will be provided.

Fore example, our ULOQ for cocaine in hair is 10,000 pg/mg. If the concentration of cocaine in a specimen exceeds 10,000 pg/mg, the result will be reported as: Cocaine >10,000 pg/mg

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact our client service advocates at 800.235.2367, or at


Adam Negrusz, Ph.D., F-ABFT

Laboratory Director

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