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Laboratory Improves Propofol Testing Following New Research Data Laboratory Improves Propofol Testing Following New Research Data


New data from researchers at USDTL shows that propofol use can be detected in urine samples for as long as 28 days following low-dose anesthesia.

Update to Meconium Collection Update to Meconium Collection


To help you have the best possible solutions that science can offer, we are consistently evaluating our processes to keep them ahead of the curve. As science progresses, so do our capabilities. Because of such progress, we have some important updates to the meconium collection process.

Report Change Notification Report Change Notification


Effective July 18, 2016, USDTL will be implementing a new way of reporting quantitative results. In order to satisfy accreditation requirement, the concentrations of drugs exceeding the Upper Limit of Quantification (ULOQ) for any given drug will be reported as > ULOQ (greater than ULOQ). The ULOQ will be provided.

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