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Targeted vs. Universal Umbilical Cord Collection

Umbilical Cord Drug Testing: A Discussion of Prevalent Issues

The Importance of Following Forensic Principles in Newborn Drug Testing by Dr. Irene Shu

The Impact of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome on One West Virginia Community by Dr. Loudin

Methamphetamine and Amphetamine in Matching Nail and Hair Samples by Dr. Irene Shu

Maternal Marijuana Use by Joseph Jones

Marijuana in Hair & Fingernail Webinar

Hair Color Bias in Keratin Drug Testing Webinar by Joseph Jones

Follow a Fingernail Specimen Through the Lab by Joseph Jones

Direct Biomarkers of Alcohol Use by Dr. Adam Negrusz

Direct Alcohol Biomarkers - EtG and PEth Webinar

Demethylated Metabolites of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone in Hair and Nail Specimens by Amy Alexander

CCDG Presentation

Meconium Collection Overview

The Future of Hair Testing

USDTL Fingernail Testing FAQ

Hair Collection Training Video

Fingernail Collection Training Video

Following a Fingernail Specimen Through the Laboratory

Wisconsin Counties Use Long-Term Alcohol Biomarker Testing

Umbilical Cord Collection Training Video

Long-term Biomarkers for monitoring DUI/OWI offenders

FASD Awareness for Women of Child-Bearing Age

Elizabeth Dang of CDC's FASD Prevention Team - Expert Interview

USDTL Live episode 3 Fetal Alcohol Screening with Carol Wallman

USDTL Live episode 2 CordStat Origin with Dianne Montgomery

USDTL Live episode 1 Fetal Alcohol Effects with Dianne Montgomery

Why Test For Designer Stimulants ("Bath Salts") in Umbilical Cord

Why Test For PEth in Blood

Blood Spot Collection Training Video

Defense in Depth Strategy

Interview With USDTL Partner Dr. Michael Sucher

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