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Working at USDTL

Why Work at USDTL?

USDTL is a business to business laboratory that is made up of compassionate and unique individuals with a long, rich tradition of accomplishments, innovations, and setting the gold standard for many areas of forensic toxicology. Though we are considered a medium-sized business, our influence on forensic toxicology has been felt throughout the world. Many of our scientific leaders are recognized globally as experts in their field. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent opportunity for motivated professionals to (1) grow personally, (2) grow professionally, (3) make a difference, (4) impact the lives of others, and (5) have fun in the process.

Areas of Leadership

Newborn Toxicology

USDTL is the leader in newborn toxicology and it is the area of forensic toxicology that USDTL was founded upon. We were the first laboratory to offer a forensically defensible drug test panel using meconium to identify drug exposed newborns. Working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we also developed and launched the first test to identify newborns exposed to alcohol using meconium. We also developed and were the first to offer a forensically defensible test for drugs of abuse using umbilical cord tissue. Both specimen tests, meconium and umbilical cord tissue, are considered the most advanced form of newborn drug and alcohol screening.

Hair Toxicology

USDTL is also seen as the premier hair testing laboratory in the United States. We have the widest breadth of testing profiles in hair of any other laboratory in the country. Most other hair testing laboratories are only able to offer 5 to 7 drug test panels. USDTL offers 17 drug panels in hair with a number of add-on tests available, allowing us to test for many different drugs not available at other labs. Additionally, our assay for the marijuana metabolite in hair is the most sensitive test of any laboratory in the world.

Direct Alcohol Biomarkers

Lastly, USDTL offers the most extensive testing for direct ethyl alcohol (ethanol) biomarkers than any other laboratory in the world.

We analyze ethanol (EtOH) and ethyl sulfate (EtS) in urine; ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in urine, hair, nail, and umbilical cord tissue; Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in blood/dried blood spots; and fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) in meconium. USDTL is the only commercial reference laboratory in the world that offers phosphatidylethanol testing using a dried blood spot card which dramatically simplifies collection and has been a game-changer for non-medical organizations.

Contributing to the Scientific Community

USDTL has a rich tradition of contributing to, and encouraging participation in, the scientific community. We are very proud to have team members that have authored many publications in the scientific literature. Our work has been featured in hundreds of publications by researchers in dozens of universities across the United States and around the globe. Additionally, USDTL team members have served in a variety of positions in local, regional, and national professional scientific societies such as the Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group (CCDG), Midwest Association of Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (MATT), the Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SoFT), and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS).

Career Development / Continuing Education

USDTL takes the development of our team members very seriously. We have a tuition reimbursement plan that has been a great benefit for many of our employees, as well as a generous policy towards assisting team members with membership in professional societies pertinent to their job function.

Continuing education includes many onsite and offsite opportunities. USDTL routinely sponsors team members to attend professional society conferences that complement their job function. We have an active Personal and Professional Development Committee (PPDC) that sponsors a leadership workshop called Grow Your Leadership. Additionally, the PPDC offers a series of monthly continuing education opportunities called Feed Your Mind which cover topics from tips for public speaking to firsthand feedback of how drug testing services impact families with the issues of addiction. USDTL maintains an extensive digital library of scientific articles that team members can access. The Laboratory Director organizes a monthly Journal Club where team members research current topics or scientific journal articles to present to the rest of the staff.

Work Life & Benefits

We understand that we spend more waking hours with our work colleagues than with our own family members. Therefore, USDTL endeavors to make our organization a fun and engaging place to work. We hold a monthly celebration to recognize birthdays, promotions, new hires, award winners, and to promote items of general interest to the staff. A team of USDTL volunteers organizes an over the top Employee Appreciation Week each April, a summer picnic, a fall celebration of our employees’ diverse cultures where we share foods from around the world, and an offsite holiday party.

USDTL offers full-time employees a wide range of benefits including medical, dental, life, vision, and short-term disability insurance, as well as a 401(k) program, paid holidays, and paid time off for vacation.

Make an Impact

Working at USDTL is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is serious about advancing their career and is serious about making a difference through the work that they do. Our work gives a voice to the voiceless, impacting the lives newborns and children who have been exposed to extremely difficult situations. We take pride in the development of our team members, both personally and professionally, because we know that doing so will help us continue to be that voice in the future. We hope you take this opportunity to join our dynamic group of fantastic individuals and become part of the impact we are making in this world.


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