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USDTL, a leader in newborn toxicology, alcohol biomarkers and substances of abuse testing, is on a mission to ensure the hardest cases do not go without resolution. We specialize in niche areas of forensic drug and alcohol testing. Our value comes from over twenty years of outside-of-the-box innovations to serve our clients’ needs.

We are the laboratory of choice for customer service, toxicology questions, 24 to 48 hour turn-around times as well as umbilical cord testing, fingernail/hair testing, and PEth Testing. We offer the most comprehensive panels on the market.

USDTL prides itself on cutting edge research and has made significant breakthroughs in the field of analytical toxicology largely funded by agencies within the National Institutes of Health. Beyond our own research, we partner with other researchers to support and promote advancements in biomarkers as objective measures.

We are also the go-to laboratory for other forensic laboratories when they need expanded panels and unusual metabolites/analytes.

USDTL proudly partners with many small businesses in the field of drug testing allowing them to expand their markets to cutting-edge sample types, such as fingernail testing and cutting-edge panel sizes from 12 - 17 analytes and above.

Our value is our service, our people and our integrity.


Protecting and enriching lives.


We use the best science available to provide cutting edge tools for the analysis and

evaluation of exposure to alcohol, substances of abuse, and toxins.


USDTL advances the Gold Standard in Forensic Toxicology through the following:

Leadership: Radical innovation that enlightens people to re-think what is possible.

Integrity: Results that you can trust, based on solid science.

Innovation: Trailblazers in technology.

Quality: Valid, accurate, and dependable.

Collaboration: Strategic alliances optimizing each participant's strengths.



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